7 days after seeing this video you are going to die..

Jon Stewart's Coverage of 2008 Election June 14, 2007 (all the way at the end)





If you want to avoid death all you have to do is get someone else to watch the video in the 7 days and you are fine... so get your friends!! Tell them you don't want to die and have them watch the video!!

The Ring

I know what happens to people who watch. So I'll just skip a few seconds and cheat death.

love TDS

Nice... at least he get some mention.. it really does fit for the moment of Zen.. Can't wait till John is able to take Mike more seriously.

John Stewart takes no one

John Stewart takes no one seriously unless he's interviewing them... That's kinda his job.

As for the rock commercial I think I kinda get what it means. It's symbolic of the life of every person. They inquisitivly look into the lens of truth, then find a problem and make a spash at it, and then walk off the stage to non-existance.

With faith, victory is assured.

So did not go that deep...

I did not get that deep... nowhere even NEAR that deep. I saw it and thought "Gravel getting rid of a rock/ Iraq...." funny.

That's what I mean.

Can't wait till Mike starts getting his share of the media and gets the interview.

Comedy Central has message

Comedy Central has message boards, you can post on their to have Gravel on. That's what Paul's supporters did.

With faith, victory is assured.