Video of Fox Business Libertarian Debate

Today, Senator Gravel and Wayne Allyn Root, two of the leading Libertarian presidential candidates, debated on Fox Business Channel.  Alexis Glick moderated on her "Money for Breakfast" program.  Below is the video of the debate.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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well done mike

i think mike did a sensational job on showing the huge flaws in wayne allyn root's worldview, showing that total faith in the private sector is just as big a leap of faith as total faith in government.  but root managed to sneak the "liberal" label onto mike at the debate's in- in a slimy, underhanded manner that befits his used car salesman persona- and i worry if that's going to hurt mike with the libertarians.  but root was nothing but a one trick piny the whole debate- "cut this, cut that, no government"- basically parroting ronald reagan's failed policies- while mike had all his unique and creative ideas to go into. i just wish barr had been there is all, i think his refusal to take part showed a real lack of class.  it's when people won't even engage with mike that drives me crazy- fine, disagree with him, but be willing to debate him.  and it's the surest sign in my mind that he's onto something.


all in all, though, a great day for mike!

That interface...

God dam that interface at the fox news website is annoying.


i took the liberty to pull the files from their site and put them on youtube. i should be safe using them because presidential debate coverage is suppposed to be public property or something~


Heres the link to the first video, i havnt put the other ones up yet but you will be able to link to the others from the first video once i put them up. Youtube is just taking forever to let me upload the others.

i made a playlist that shows

i made a playlist that shows all 6 videos. use this code:



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Well done!

Mike was fabulous in this debate and had an excellent adversary.


I was particularly pleased to hear his take on the Libertarian idea of government.  Libertarians would do away with most of our government.  Mike brought some reality to the table, saying, in essence,  that government should be here to serve the people.  He added that no one can change things for the better except the people.  We need a champion in the oval office who will get us out of the mess we're in, plus work to give all Americans the power that's rightfully theirs: the power to make laws on a national level.


Mike's experience in the US Senate, his true heart for public service, his conviction and his honesty all came through.


I only wish all of America could have heard him speak.


I still sincerely believe that Mike Gravel offers many of the answers that we are seeking and is the only Presidential candidate who can get the job done.


Commenting on Wayne's views of government

I noticed that much of Wayne's views was based on the idea, "Less or no government, with a free type of system for privatization on certain things."


I really like how Gravel defended his views on government control. By removing government completely and not looking into making it better but rather being disgusted with the weaknesses only, Wayne misses the fact that the government is a tool and should be up to the People with responsibility. Gravel also mentioned that the reason why government is being an issue nowadays, is because the minority and beaurocrats are expanding the tool (gov't) to suite their needs and wants rather than giving the majority an opportunity to use it.

agreed, that point is rarely

agreed, that point is rarely made in our national dialog, and mike did a great job with it.  conservatives manage to maintain the illusion that absolutely no government control is somehow more realisitic, and there need to be more voices like mike countering it.

Mike's strength lies in his stare

Ever since I first heard of Mike Gravel, I always felt so jolted with a mixture of intimidation and seriousness from his stare alone. It's not necessarily threatening but when it comes down to getting his point through, he shows it so openly and not limited, that it can be very intimidating to those against him. At the same time, his stare shows compassion through the tears in his eyes and the swelling in his cheeks when he fights for what he believes in and feels right to do. I mention this on this post about the debate because I wanted to point out that this quality that Gravel has, won the debate. Wayne Allen Root did very well in speaking his opinion, but Gravel did more than state an opinion. He made an impression... and one hell of  one in front of the FOX Business people and to Root. The kind of impression that you get when you hear a man that you may or may not agree with all the way, but you realize in awe how wise and passionate they are. Other candidates give their followers false hope and physical or superficial attraction (by what nice things they say to what they do to look good), but Mike is one of the few people in the world today that shake up the masses when heard or given a voice. Like this opportunity on FOX Business Channel, despite the early broadcast, he was given a fair voice and did wonderfully.


In terms of economical, environmental, political issues, you can disagree on certain things he says, but he backs it up with substance and support. And if that isn't enough, then one thing that needs to be taken seriously is the National Initiative for Democracy because it will turn our country finally to a true direct democracy.


GREAT JOB MR. GRAVEL and to all his staff and volunteers that made it possible for him to get on the debate!!! I had fun watching the video clips.

Mike did beautifully. Wayne

Mike did beautifully. Wayne couldn't even look at Gravel as he was speaking.


Parts 1, 4, and 6 in Brian's post are linked to the wrong video.  However, I tried to correct these links and I still have trouble getting them to link to the correct part.  :/


"People will have to suffer a level of frustration and anger sufficient to reason their way out of this conundrum and reach for an "out of the box" solution to their own empowerment." (page 6 of Citizen Power)

Woke up early to watch this....

I'll hand it to Mr. Root for his boyish enthusiasm, but he had nothing on Gravel's seasoned tested wisdom.

Gravel was dependably feisty as ever, but really fired on all cylinders when taking Root to to task on subsidies for the nuclear industry, as well as on his misbegotten ideas on the subprime crisis and capitalism.


As with every debate, I only wish there had been more time.