Straw Poll Results

After the KC debate, they held a Straw Poll, which is basically a vote. At all of the state conventions for Libertarians they conduct such a Straw Poll. Below are the results from the KC debate:

  • Wayne Allyn Root: 22
  • Bob Barr: 20
  • Mike Gravel: 15
  • Mary Ruwart: 12
  • Michael Jingozian: 8
  • George Phillies: 7
  • NOTA: 3
  • Christine Smith: 2
  • Barry Hess: 1

The Ohio State Convention was also held over the weekend. Sentator Gravel finished second in the Straw Poll there. We do not have any hard number counts for that vote.

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After watching the debate online...

I'm kind of surprised at the straw poll results. While I think Wayne Allen Root probably was one of the better "presenters", on substance, I liked Jingozian better than him. And Mary Ruwart as well. Of course, Gravel was excellent as always, but on a few issues he was clearly in a different camp than the other candidates. :-) I think Gravel is right, though, that in order to make the LP more palatable to the average American, they need to be a little more moderate on some of their views. That being said, I don't think an out and out compromise of their values would be a good thing either. That would make them no better than the Republicans and Democrats.


I thought the debate was very well done. But, what the hell is the problem with all of the LP videos? The sound is ALWAYS terrible. They need some better equipment or something.

Libertarian Party

What I like BEST about the Libertarian Party and the debate is\was the camaraderie present.  You can tell that everyone on that stage - more than cut throat competition - were all about working together to get things done.  Now that's signs of where change can really come from;  Good people doing the right thing.