Senator Gravel Qualifies for Debate!

I have just received word from Skyler McKinley, one of our senior staffers, that Senator Gravel has gotten the required number of delegate tokens to particpate in tonight's C-Span Libertarian debate. The debate will be broadcasted on C-Span 1, beginning at 9-11 p.m. ET.

Senator Gravel will debate the following LP competitors: Bob Barr, Mary Ruwart, George Phillies, Steve Kubby, Michael Jingozian, and Wayne Allyn Root.

Give 'em hell Gravel!

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Backing off?

Has anyone noticed that on tonights C-SPAN debate Mike Gravel backed off from the issues where he disagrees? When it came to healthcare, he went around the question, disreguarding the earlier sentiment that people would run under a voucher system and get to choose their own doctors. He did the exact same thing when the question of guns came up. While it might appease the Libertarians, it dissolves him into the field of other candidates and really makes him look like just another face, whereas he really used to stand out. It was a gamble, and I think it failed. I still am proud of Mike, and an very very glad he didn't perform a flip-flop. I really hope he wins tomorrow so he can bring up these issues again. But Mr. Gravel, why didn't you bring up the other issues? It just may have lost you the nomination.


So when you make your speech tomorrow: Give 'em hell, Gravel! Don't hold back!

I think Gravel did great! 

I think Gravel did great!  Its up to the American people to make thier laws not Gravel and he even stated that a few times during the debate.  We will never have smaller government unless participation in power by the people occurs.  To me a yes or no answer for the gun laws or the healthcare issues is never enough, I am more concerned about how "We the people" will obtain that power in order to preserve our rights to gun and healthcare laws and Gravel answered that perfectly with the National Initiative as his answer, the rest of the candidates were just babbling the same old nonsence.




And now for the VP's


I agree. I think that all of the candidates played a hard ball game, and they all had different opinions that were all well thought out.

Now all the candidates need are VP's, and this site has a poll for that. See, out of 30 potential candidates for each party, which VP America thinks the Presumptive nominees should choose. Just visit <a href=""></a>


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YES!  That is WONDERFUL!  I was just down there like 30 minutes ago but everyone looked all busy so I came back up to my room.  I know that at least 1 person from WA state delegation that I saw today gave his to Mike.


Can't wait to watch the debate tonight!! 

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Go die in Iraq ahole