Mike Celebrates California Gay Marriage Ruling

Official campaign statement for immediate release:

I congratulate the California Supreme Court for recognizing a self-evident truth: Marriage is a fundamental constitutional right that ALL Americans share! Anything short of marriage equality means second-class citizenship for gays and lesbians. Obama, Clinton and McCain choose to deny this truth but California just made their obstinate opposition much more difficult.

The California court dismissed the argument that “tradition” precludes same-sex marriage. Opponents of interracial marriage once shared this view. They were dead wrong just like opponents of gay marriage. As I said during the HRC/Logo debate, marriage is not about tradition but about love and what this world needs is more LOVE.

Next we must get all states to recognize the same sex marriages granted in California and other enlightened states. This is not a states rights issue, as many of my opponents argue.

Gay marriage, like civil rights for blacks, is a constitutional issue and individual rights must always trump states rights when they are in conflict. My fellow Libertarians who disagree ought to check the definition of libertarianism.

During the HRC/Logo debate I predicted that in five years the nation would embrace gay marriage. Thanks to California we have taken a giant leap toward that glorious day!


Senator Mike Gravel