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Mike's Blog

The Stalking Horse

Clinton Will Use Ron Paul Delegate Strategy To Clinch Nomination

Just as Ron Paul will harness confusion at the Republican National Convention to convert supposedly “pledged” delegates to his uplifting cause, Hillary Clinton will do the same on the Democratic side. A senior Clinton adviser told Politico’s Roger Simon, the guy who looks a bit like Henry Waxman except without the insane nose, that if forced the Clinton campaign would pursue the votes of pledged delegates—those assigned based on the results of primaries and caucuses.

Candidate Speaks to Political Science Class

As the excitement of Super Tuesday draws to a close, UC Berkeley welcomed Democratic presidential candidate and former Senator Mike Gravel to address political science students yesterday afternoon.

Gravel spoke to students of Political Science 179 in a packed Wheeler Auditorium, outlining his election campaign and answering questions on the current state of American politics.

Go, Mike, Go

Writes Joseph Raglione, for The American Chronicle: "A few days ago, John Kerry and Edward Kennedy sent me a generic email asking I write for their candidate, Barak Obama, on the American Chronicles. I thought about it for five minutes and then decided, what the hell, I've spent my whole life fighting for underdogs! Why stop now! Go Senator Michael Gravel Go!"


From Senator Gravel: Statement on Edwards's Dropping Out

It saddened me greatly to hear yesterday that John Edwards had decided to drop out of the race. We may have had our differences on some issues, such as supporting gay marriage and ending the war on drugs, but clearly he was a better choice for America than the two remaining so-called top-tier Democratic candidates, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Mike Gravel is the Only One!

With Edwards Pulling Out, Mike Gravel is the Only One. Maybe it's His Time!

With John Edwards announcing that he will drop out of the Presidential race today and Dennis Kuchinich doing so last week, leaves only one Progressive still in the race. This happens to be the one man I originally supported, before I was sidetracked by Edwards, who had promised all of his supporters that he would remain in the race until the end. I guess that Edwards has had enough. Maybe it is a good thing for America, for if he can’t weather the storm of a Presidential race, what kind of president would he have made?

Statement From Senator Gravel

Dennis Kucinich's Brave Voice

Dennis Kucinich deserves the praise and gratitude of all Americans who want our government to promote peace and justice at home and abroad. On all the issues, Dennis took brave, honest positions that reflect his great courage and decency.

Vote at IndependentPrimary!

IndependentPrimary.Com has launched a "Tsunami Tuesday" national online poll from January 21 - February 1.  Independent and independent-minded voters have had a big impact on the presidential election.  Independents swung the elections in the opening primary and caucus contests!

Go to http://www.independentprimary.com

Primary Deceptions

 It’s fairly obvious that some powerful entity in the Democratic Party establishment wants Gravel eliminated


 One would hope that as the lies become outlandish enough, they are no longer believed.  Instead, perhaps Goebbels was right:  Tell a big enough lie, for long enough, and the people will believe you.

Court Steals Open Debates Victory

It just goes to show you can never count on a corrupt political process.

Fifteen minutes before the NBC Las Vegas debate, the Nevada Supreme Court granted NBC's "emergency" appeal and barred Dennis Kucinich from the televised debate.

I'm Still In It! A note from Mike

Dear Friends,

At this point, I have become accustomed to many trying to silence my message to the American people -- the plain, simple, uncompromising truth. Nor does it come as any great surprise that the mainstream media is now putting words in my mouth. Not kind words, but bold-faced lies. Thursday evening at New Hampshire headquarters, on the most frigid night yet this winter, my campaign staff was dumbfounded to watch MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann announce I had dropped out of the race.

With only days left to go until the New Hampshire Primary, Olbermann's report was news to me!

Keep Mike in the Debates

Why is it that the Republican Party is more fair than the Democratic Party when it comes to the presidential debates? The recent debate in Iowa where Alan Keyes was allowed to participate, while Mike and Dennis Kucinich were excluded, is concerning to many progressives who view this as an attempt on the part of the Democratic leadership to get rid of its progressive members. Is this what's happening? Why are the candidates who advocate ending the war immediately and who support equal rights for the LGBT community being sidelined?

Attacking the Underdog

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader has taken The New York Times to task over a recent commentary that attacks Democratic underdogs including Senator Gravel.

Mike in the Lead in Blind Issues Poll

Mike continues to hold the #1 spot over all other Presidential candidates at a poll sponsored by VAJoe.com, an online military community for service members, veterans and their families. Director of Content Lane D. Burkholz said nearly 1.7 million votes have been cast on the site's Candidate Calculator since its release in mid September.

Mike Campaigns in New Hampshire

Mike will be in New Hampshire the middle of December. Check out the Events Calendar for times and dates of public events.

Mike Gravel's Freedom Rally -- Dec. 10!

Guess what’s coming? We are going to have a huge rally
for Mike!