Corporate Censorship!

Written Monday, October, 30, 2007


Corporate censorship has taken over. I have been excluded unfairly from the MSNBC Debate at Drexel University this Tuesday.

I won't have it!

Join me for this truly historic event...

I am broadcasting LIVE via WebCast tomorrow from Philadelphia across from the debate site at Drexel University and I will be answering all of the same debate questions that Hillary and the others are answering at the MSNBC debate. That WebCast will be LIVE at 6pm PT, 7pm MT, 9pm ET at (bookmark this page).

Tell your friends to watch us (online only - not TV).

If you live in the Philadelphia area, I will be at World Cafe Live ( with hundreds of supporters and anti-war protestors to protest GE (the owner of MSNBC and NBC) and corporate media censorship in this election! Join me there - doors open at 8:30pm ET.

Even if you have donated to my campaign, I urge you to donate again. I need you to take a stand with me today.

Yours in gratitude,
Senator Mike Gravel


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What a great event!

What a great event. I watched it from start to finish. It was amazing to see Mike plainly, logically, and clearly argue the issues. He would have won that debate hands down. It was not a debate without Mike.


what a forum, what a setting! very different, and we got to hear him speak!!!

against paused backdrop of the Drexel Debate - the exclusionarily corporate-censored "Democratic" Debate at Drexel.

I loved when he asked, almost plaintively, "why have the excluded me? why is no one up there asking that question?? If I were up there and someone else had been excluded from the debate, I would have said something about it. I would have asked!!" 

i missed it omgoodness

i checked my email at 10:45 and immediately clicked over but it was too late! i was home at 9 but forgot all about the debate :(


please post a recording of the event!


All i want is the truth, why is it so hard to find?