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Senator Gravel


Would you support a repeal of the bill banning online poker? You could definitely get a lot of support from the millions of online US poker players and donations too.


Gravel on online gaming.

Senator Gravel opposes any legislation that limits public access to participate in online gaming.

Gravel 08


yeah, thats actually a good idea, but see thats a vulnerability, people playing with other peoples stolen identity, causing them to be in debt when they did nothing. its happened before. social security numbers are like gold man.

I've never heard anything

I've never heard anything like that, every other country has it fully legalized and probably makes money from player's winnings (not that I support that tax). Haven't heard of anyone stealing identities in online poker rooms, no social security number is involved in the process. There's a lot of people out there who want to repeal the act and would probably hop on the Gravel train for his other great stuff as well.